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Game #2962, Generated on April 24, 2014

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Well, at least, not a dull moment.  The best I can figure out is that this a misslanny.  I used 7 first and played 7 over.  95 moves still seems so far awAY.......... fOR 102  i WA PLAYING THE 7d OVER.  pROBABLY SOMETHING i AM MISSING aT THIS POINT.
Well, now that I've come back later, the smiley faces appeared.  Gee whiz. sad
Wow!  I guess we can't make the smiley face like we used to.sad
I thought I had just made a smiley face.  Don't know where that came from.  smile
I agree ! smile
Can't say as I like this as much as the old format.  Sort of feel like the fun has gone out of the game
I actually thought there was another way of getting into the old site.
Thanks Susan, I realized that after I had posted.
James, you were already on the old site earlier.
James, thank you.  I gave you a "Thumbs Up"smile
Test new site.

That's good news! smile...

2014-04-25 04:36:58

new format

I don't like the new format....

2014-04-24 22:19:00

New Game Comments

Thanks for activating the 'contact us link'. Fast work! ...

2014-04-24 16:09:40

this sucks

New format is a stinking pile of manure....

2014-04-24 13:33:17

Hello? World!

Hello @BigBoss!...

2014-04-23 20:29:26

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