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Game #3090
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 0:00
Moves: 0
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Game #3090, Generated on August 30, 2014

Played a total of 343 times by 84 registered members. Finished by 66 users who rated the difficulty as easy.

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I can't wait either Franco, a once in a life time holiday. On the 8th Sept Myrtle(Wife) and I fly to San Francisco a two day stay then a eleven days Alaska (In Side Passage) cruise on the Star Princess. 
Good morning - Franco - Foxwoods is a nice place - good food there too. Have fun and win a bundle! 
Good Morning... Hope everyone has a good day today.
Hi Donna!  just got here!  how's everyone?
thanks rogerb.  Hey Di! Lou, Lynne, Merav and Jac...are you here. Dale?
that's fun, franco! You must live near the Maine, NH, Mass area. I like to get in...win some and get out fast lol
Queen of Clubs first.
can't wait for next tuesday the wife and I are going
gambling at foxwoods for three days. me happy
Hi to all Solitaire Players all over the world.

Wonderful to be playing this game with so many people from all over the World - of all different nationalities, with all different hopes a...

2014-08-27 07:50:34

Winner made 150 moves in 0:00??? Impossible!

I tied the first place person at 1:00 and her time changed to 0:00! No fair!!!!  Game #3067...

2014-08-08 04:04:19

I don't get it

Don't worry about it - just enjoy.grin ...

2014-08-06 19:34:48

Introduce yourself

Hi everyone,  I am new to Solitaire Forum because although I played it regularly, I hadn't registered.   I am a seventy-two year old grand...

2014-08-02 21:12:13

my own blog and wouldn't expect anyone to read my personal stuff. i use this for my own personal diary so let me please have my space

I am sorry for all your troubles....

2014-07-15 00:17:29

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