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Game #2962, Generated on April 24, 2014

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lileybelle, smilely face thumbs up, thumbs down, and spam.
Afternoon all.  Will someone please tell me what the 4 icons beside the message posted stand for?  I can't make out the shapes, so what do they signify, left to right?  Appreciate the information.  Thanks in  advancesmile
I played the test game and scored 184 moves...OMG !
Yes, I was just there and the cards move just fine, that's weird !!
Oh, I see now!  I hadn't even noticed that.  Nice!  I guess if you can't play, you've had time to discover additions like that!! Sorry you can't play. sad  If you go to the test site on the Forum, it looks like you can play a game there if you like (old format).

I click the bold and italized buttons Susan. I sure wish I coud play but the only thing I can do is post comments.wink
Hi, thewiz!  You can click on "Archive" at the bottom of the page.
Me, too, Koko! sad  I was looking around at some other Solitaire websites last night and came across one where one of the choices of games to play was "Old Site".  Any chance we can keep the old site in tact for those who prefer playing there? If you click on the test link for this game, you'll find a game in the old format. ~~ I don't understand why updating the site for mobile users necessitated a complete overhaul of so many things that were successfully programmed and already in place.  ~~ The number of moves that I have are different in different places.  Are the low scores posted even accurate?  No offense to David O. but I don't recall him getting the lowest score very often -- especially by SIX moves (if the scores of 101 are even correct). ~~ In looking at other websites, the two piles on the left are set up with more space between them.  And the four Ace piles are aligned over the four piles below.  I mentioned this when previously asked for comments.  The only reason I point it out again is so that the site will look comparable to others, especially if you're fixing the site to attract more players. ~~ Hey, James, what are you doing to get your comments in a different font??! smile
how do you seel all available games.
Conner, I use google chrome and it won't move the cards ! I don't know what I'm doing differently.
Test new site.

I was looking around at some other Solitaire websites last night and came across one where one of the choices of games to play was "Old S...

2014-04-24 20:27:09

New Game Comments

Thanks for activating the 'contact us link'. Fast work! ...

2014-04-24 16:09:40

this sucks

New format is a stinking pile of manure....

2014-04-24 13:33:17

Hello? World!

Hello @BigBoss!...

2014-04-23 20:29:26

New Ranking System + Awards!

Thanks Adam for your concern and help and your efforts to improve the site. I just played game 2952 (hard game) from April 15 which I had ...

2014-04-23 16:01:43

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