I cannot turn one card

by Laurent Schneider » 2007-11-25 09:13:50 #4926

I had one card in the middle that I could not turn. I could play further the other cards (the game was not stuck), but since the middle card was not turnable, needless to say I did not win.

I could not reproduced it.

I did a screenshot and marked the card with an arrow :


by Laurent Schneider » 2007-11-25 09:58:47 #6333

It happened again. With another game but also middle card. I am using Internet Explorer 7 under Vista

by fizzbut » 2007-11-25 07:08:58 #6334

Laurent, I use to have that happen to me, but ever since I stopped dragging cards up (only double clicking whenever moving a card to the top piles) it hasn't happened again. using IE also. See if that stops it for you.

by Laurent Schneider » 2007-12-01 10:06:02 #6335

I always used double click. I very seldom use windows, and with firefox / linux it never happends

by Heaven » 2007-12-01 14:24:03 #6336

cards get stuck for me sometimes.....and i'm using firefox

by brightkis » 2007-12-01 17:03:34 #6337

Last three or four days we've been having Sticky Card issues. Takes 3 or 4 clicks to click and drag before it 'takes', and double-clicking to move cards to the top piles is almost impossible. I usually play late, California time, 7 or 8 pm. From posted comments it seems like it's better early in the game. Also was taking F O R E V E R to play all the cards to the top after finishing the game, and frequently would not post. We still love you, Adam - we know you're probably busy, and this isn't a big money maker. Just wondering . . . . what's happening . . . . smile