Solitaire Craving is nearly 3 months old!

by Adam Lyttle » 2006-08-22 16:12:34 #4789

The title says it all, Solitaire Craving is nearly 3 months old (or young?).

Heres some interesting stats:

73 games have been generated, they have been played 20,209 times by 607 registered members. 368 members have finished a game, leaving 239 members who haven't. We are a talkative community, with 765 comments posted.

Sudoku, which has been around for twice as long, has 4277 registered users (2228 of which have finished a game). The games have been finished 70,424 times. Although Sudoku attracts more people, the community doesn't seem to be as talkative, with only 1094 comments posted - Solitaire Craving has nearly had that many posts in half the time.

I want to thank everyone for making Solitaire Craving what it is. I look forward to making it better and more enjoyable for everyone. smile

by SuzyQ » 2006-08-23 09:42:35 #5704

This is so much more fun and more challenging than sudoku. I finally stopped playing sudoku because I don't have time to do both. I really don't have time to do this either, but I do it anyway! HA HA! It definitely IS a craving -- somewhat like dark chocolate! I don't care that I'll never be able to achieve a lowest time, but I can compete with my own times AND I love the challenge of trying to solve a game slightly differently to achieve fewer moves. I plan to continue trying to match, or at least get close to, the lowest moves of emm or another player in each game. Who's also up to the challenge???

by Adam Lyttle » 2006-08-23 12:08:12 #5705

I can't compete with you on the lowest moves. Unfortunately I'm not fast enough to get the best time and I haven't got a memory good enough to memorise the positions of the cards to get the least moves.

In fact, I was only awarded a star on game @#64 for being the most helpful. Although I don't think I was particularly helpful. In fact, I think everyone just felt sorry for me!